The Anyone PodcastOctober 2018 @ Anyone Comics in Brooklyn, NY

The Bitten Apple TV – August 18, 2018 @ Liberty City Convention, NYC


The Bitten Apple TV – November 28, 2017

Correction: Osjua Newton is Colorist & Letterer / Drake Tinta is Artist & Inker

Major Spoilers – 

“A lot of the time, I always feel that anime is communicating the message that what you feel inside can make up for what physical limitations you have. I got that message several times in this book, and I love the notion that literally anyone could be a ninja – particularly if they have the honor necessary to overcome the bad guys.”

Open 2.0 / BronxNet – May 17 2017

Gamers Play on the Box – April 12, 2017



Anime Complexium – May 2016

“All of the characters have interesting stories and traits, and it just makes reading it that much more fun. Ninja Express features anime/manga references left and right, humor, incredible action, and a story that any anime fan would appreciate….”